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"Before joining the union, Katie is the person who taught me what it means to be a member. I have never met anyone with more knowledge about and enthusiasm for our union. She is still the person I go to with any AEA related questions and on the rare occasion she can't answer them herself, she always points me in the right direction with kindness and enthusiasm. Ultimately, my love for and belief in AEA is all built on my experiences working with Katie. I can think of no better Eastern Stage Manager Delegate, she will be a fantastic liaison between the AEA Convention and the union members."

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"The first person I turn to with any and every AEA question is Katie Young, and she has never let me down. Her knowledge of the contracts and inner workings of union policy make her a fierce advocate for her fellow union members. She is as passionate a believer in the power of theater as she is the importance of safety, fair compensation, and equity onstage and off. There is no one I would trust more to represent the needs of AEA's members and I enthusiastically endorse her as a delegate."

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"Katie Young represents the generosity, transparency, and skillful articulation of policy that we desperately need in Actors' Equity. I have seen her incredible work when operating in her capacity as a stage manager, but also simply as an informed union member. She consistently takes the time to demystify union rules and goings-on -- whether it be about contracts, COVID-19 practices and policies, or ways to get involved. Katie's convention policies reflect her commitment to inclusion, to holding the union accountable for protecting its members from continued harm, and to moving the union towards progress. I happily endorse Katie Young for an Eastern Stage Management Delegate seat without any hesitation, and urge you all to do the same."

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"Anybody lucky enough to have worked with Katie knows: she’s not only intelligent, hardworking, and good at her job, but also driven by a genuine desire to help others. She knows more about our union—and our health insurance—than anybody I know, and she shares what she has worked to learn. Whether chatting with a colleague on tour or engaging with a fellow AEA member on Facebook, Katie is engaging, informative, and kind. When it comes to the AEA convention, we need knowledgeable delegates who can speak for us—and to us—and I can’t think of anybody better equipped to be Eastern Stage Manager Delegate than Katharine Whitney."

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"It’s hard to think of anybody more knowledgeable than Katie Young on the issues facing AEA – and indeed the wider theater community - today.  I’ve worked alongside Katie on multiple shows, and I know that she brings the same passion, conscientiousness, and principled approach to her activism in AEA that she brings to the rehearsal room. She is tireless; she is whip-smart, and she is a true advocate for a more just, communicative, and equitable union – one that values the well-being of ALL members, and does not back down from the hard issues. I absolutely wholeheartedly endorse Katie as AEA delegate – we need her voice as we try to build a better future!"

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"Katie knows this union inside and out, and, more than that, she knows the theater inside and out. I have watched her approach every aspect of a production with care and curiosity, and delight in collaborating with everyone involved in that production. She brings a remarkable level of knowledge, dedication, and compassion to every interaction, and embodies the art of communication. I love working with her, and have no doubt she will be an incredible Eastern Stage Manager Delegate."

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"Katie and I met on the road with the First National Tour of The King and I. As a Stage Manager, she was always cool, calm, and collected in any situation that arose. As I’ve grown to know her, I have learned she is one of the most knowledgeable members of AEA that I know. Not only does she take the time to extensively research so that she may understand, but Katie has the remarkable ability to communicate her grasp of the union’s contracts, policies, and practices to others with kindness and efficiency. If I ever have any questions about our union, I wouldn’t think twice about reaching out to Katie. 
Above all that, Katie is running for delegate to protect victims of harassment and abuse, to protect Stage Managers, and to improve communications/member education.
Katie’s love for the union and her awareness for necessary change makes her a perfect delegate. Check out her webpage attached to see all she has to say and to reach out to let her know what your interests are for her as a delegate. 
Remember, she’ll be on the ballot as Katharine Whitney!"

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"Katie is simply fantastic. Having worked with her professionally and having known her personally for a number of years, I can say this with the utmost confidence: whether it be her activism in AEA or her seamless effectiveness in a rehearsal room or her supportiveness in a friendship, Katie brings intelligence, kindness, and incredible diligence to everything she does. The AEA would be lucky to have her as a delegate, and would be wise to make her one."